Never Argue Always Love

People should never argue these days its already trouble in the world that cant be controlled walking in love should decrease a lot of problems we all have.


Doing it for a month it won’t be easy
the first few days but as you go it will start to feel like you are a pro. I was always so angry never knew why, complained a lot about nothing ,calling people daily just to vent until my calls weren’t answered people seem me in stores and rushed out the door or went to another aisle to avoid me. I had to look at what i was doing to myself things were not working out for me. Until this book called The Power by Rhonda Byrnes the audio version. Once I started listening to it finding out how much she said sounded like me, shaking my head wondering how great my life was. Never needed anything that wasn’t available for me complaining just came so easily. Things were starting to leave my life for no reason I thought having a great life so long wouldnt change. I was dead wrong when you are down to nothing changing ur mindset is a great option. Love is the reason things come into our lives, love is the reason people are happy, becoming millionaires, having kids that couldnt come until love was present. Try love you would be amazed by the things emtering your life unexpectantly. I remember not having food checked my email and to my suprise that message caused me to thank God everyday and night. Love is addictive to us all its simple to do daily things happen that we have no control over but love is controlled by you and how much you give using it on a daily bases .


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Tatela Anderson

Unemployed and no Benefits

Unemployed and no Benefits

This is the first time ever being unemployed  in Miami, Fl  on March 23, 2016 I started at 2500 n.w 62nd street Information sent me there to get my rent paid the lady told me it will get paid for 4…