Helping people even though they don’t appreciate it

I love helping people even though they never appreciate it. Going out of my way to see if they have a decent place to live, have enough money to eat lunch , clothes are clean for work after doing 15 hours a day, the person still never like what is being done by saying he love the hardship he going through it was the happiest. Who you know love living without water living inside their car ,not taking a bath for days. It makes my stomach hurt to know this person would rather live in the gutter than have a decent place to live. Dude even calls the place he living now not where he would live but nobody else wants him to live with them. I see why they won’t take him in when he is here there is never a time he pays a bill saying you have to ask him , he is very nasty takes a bath for months never clean up after himself, where ever he smoke he put holes in the place he sit on the couch, I’m even scared he may burn up the place he so careless , wakes up in the morning  drinking till the night never goes to work when they call he tells them no. I try to help this dude but listening to him complaining he don’t want to be happy in a nice environment. The best thing for me to do is let him be  living in filth he so used to it no water in his place it smells terrible where he lived vomit was all over the floor he even had a woman that lived with him no water she didn’t bathe just like him he calls her a bottom bitch. She loves him to death so making a mistake to help a person who never wanted to be helped was my problem. Dude don’t even want to pay child support one job he does never takes it out and that’s the one he always work for its sad he has 4 kids and don’t want to take care of them. When their mothers call for money he tell them he not working but the money he has the kids will never get. Not me I will be on the job where he works to get mine for the kids. My ex ran to child support cause I was on his job daily to get my money since I didn’t have them by myself you gonna help my take care of them too. I’m just wondering is there other men out there who would rather live in poverty than a decent place to live.


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