Bad Salon Experience

My Experience at the salon

I decided to drive around this plaza after the doctor visit to look for food only to discover this salon with a cafe (so I thought ) once I walked in they were so friendly I only wanted eyebrows but looking for the food still I asked but never got the answer. After the thread messed up my eye brows (I have a forever raised eyebrow) I asked for Keratin ,$90 on the door( so I thought )again they were so friendly but it was all an act they ran out of perm the guy tried to tell me to come back but the lady (owner) wouldn’t let me leave, never thinking about it she ordered the products ,another lady came over to me wanting to do a facial message I told her I was allergic to stuff ,she never heard what I said or just needed the money her and another lady were fussing about who client I was , after the guy put my rinse on she did a demo on my face I told her sensitive products please since she insist.Once the product was finished  the guy put the keratin on it (I never asked for the perm I was natural) finished at 5:00 pm was there at 11:30 am , the whole time I was there only people came for the thread eyelashes never a perm or nothing else they had there.  I got to the register the total was $309.00 so I swiped my card it was declined. The lady looked at me like I had no money which the credit union locked my card because of 3 large transactions. The way this lady was looking at me like I didn’t have any money I called my dude and my daughter, neither answered so I called my daughter again she answered I was relieved my boyfriend gave the card information over the phone , the lady said yes so nasty I felt really bad she thought I wasn’t going to pay her. I see why there are no people there for anything other than eyebrows or lashes you cant afford nothing else there. They get you to come in with thinking its a cafe once you are in they treat you like you are the best,  YOU WILL PAY FOR IT! trust me on that but please have the money or the owner will look at you like you are the scum of the earth I wouldn’t recommend no one go there the name is:BEAUTY CAFE SALON PINES ! oh and the facial had my eyes closed shut this morning I kept thinking and feeling my left eye was swelling and looking in the mirror it was true having a bad reaction just like I said. If you tell them no mean it you can’t tell what is in it the prices are nowhere.

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