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How To Make Beats For Tv/Film So YOU Can Collect Tv/Film Royalties

Dr Drum Beat Making Software

In this exclusive video course you will learn how to register your music with ascap/bmi so you can collect your royalties, how to find companies looking for music, and everything else you need to know to get your beats placed on tv/film….

Bonus #2 – Exclusive Interview With Music Supervisor

An Exclusive 50 Minute Interview that will blow your mind……He also shares the top genres asked for in the tv music industry…. This will SHOCK you!

Bonus #3 – Tv Placement Cheat Examples

Examples of beats I have had placed in tv. That way you have something to compare to your music to guarantee you master the tv beatmaking formatThis is like a cheat sheet for placing music on tv. You will be able to really process the arrangements, and be able to create your own tv tracks that get placed over and over. 

Bonus #4 – Companies To Submit Your Music For Placement

More Companies To Place Your Music – 1 Of The Companies Allows You To Collect Royalties For Music Playing On Tv/Film, and Retail Stores………..

Bonus #5 – Tv Explosion Audio Series

4 Powerful Exclusive Audios That Gives You – 5 Tips On How To Break Into The Tv Placement Industry, Mistakes To Avoid, 3rd Party Services, A Tv Horror Story You Don’t Want To Miss.

Bonus #6 – Bonus Industry Tv Contacts Package

This is a bonus list of professional tv/film/major label contacts you can send your beats for placement…Finally eliminate the worry of where to send your beats after you make them for good….

 Actual Cost – $197.00


 If for whatever reason you are not satisfied. You have 60 Days to get 100 % of your money back……

You are not just getting a bunch of videos , you are getting actual tips, tools, and strategies you need to make the best music you can, that will get placed on tv and pay you royalties for the rest of your life.

Here Are Just A Few Immediate Benefits

  • Snatch the Attention of music supervisors, which will significantly increase your chances at a tv placement or major deals
  • Stand Out From the Crowd
  • Create TV Ready Beats
  • Join my Team and skip the process of trying to find and meet contacts to send your music to.
  • You will be instantly respected and known as a professional music producer
  • Eliminate money worries
  • Explode your brand and be able to charge what you are worth for your music
  • Much More

Here Are A Few Artists & Producers I’ve Worked With

Me & Hitmaker Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins

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