Become a Certified Self-Esteem Coach for Children

Become a Certified Self-Esteem Coach for Children and Learn the Life-Impacting Secrets to Champion Kids to Elevate their Self-Esteem & Live their Best Lives…

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My name is Dr. Joe Rubino and I can tell you from more than 20 years of personal experience that there is no greater joy or more rewarding career anywhere than being a Self-Esteem Coach. That is especially true when the lives you are impacting are those of children. In our world today, we can make a significant difference in dramatically impacting violence, hatred, anger, poverty, aggressive behavior, depression, school drop-outs, alcohol and drug addiction, and all other undesirable behaviors and states of mind simply by teaching generations of children the life-impacting principles that will assist them to develop high self-esteem and design their lives with a positive expectation for the future.

More Happiness for Kids

Now, you too can join me as a Certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach and Earn a Great Living as you change lives!

In my 20 plus years as a life-optimization coach, I have personally coached more than 2000 individuals to complete and heal their past, accurately assess what’s so in their lives presently, and design an inspirational and compelling future in choice.

Low self-esteem has its origins when we are young, typically before the age of six. It begins with someone saying or doing something that causes a child to get the idea that he or she is unlovable, unworthy, imperfect, flawed, or defective in some significant way. Whether the child buys into an unkind word or deed, perhaps experiences a bullying episode or an abusive situation of some sort, or misinterprets what others said or did in such a way that has them feel less than, not good enough, unlovable, or like they don’t belong, this initial upset has children begin to believe there is something wrong with them. They then scan for evidence to “prove” to themselves that their initial fear was correct…and, of course, they find plenty of episodes that reinforce that there is something defective about who they are as a person. Over the course of years and decades, they gather hundreds or thousands of pieces of evidence that they are imperfect, unlovable, and not worthy of all the good things life has to offer. Before long, they accept this negative self-image as FACT and soon become resigned to believing that’s just how it is… and there’s nothing they can do about it

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should take the Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation Program for Children?

A. Anyone interested in working with children, parents, teachers, coaches and others who have the ability to impact the lives of children.

Q. What is the Certification title I will receive?

A. Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children

Q. Do I need to get certified if I am only interested in learning how to champion children to elevate their self-esteem?

A. No, the certification is optional. Many purchase the program just to learn how to support children to develop stronger self-esteem. There is no additional cost for the certification, if desired.

Q. How long does it take to complete the course?

A. Typically between 2-3 weeks and 1 year maximum.

Q. What will I receive with the course?

A. 30 downloadable audios, 5 downloadable videos, and a 170 page e-book, a 50 question certification multiple choice test, a certificate certifying you by The Center for Personal Reinvention as a Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children.

Q. What do I need to do to become certified?

A. Take a 50 question multiple choice test and submit it with a passing grade of 70% to become certified.

Q. What happens if I fail the test?

A. Most who take the test pass on their first try. You’ll have up to 6 chances to achieve a passing grade. There is a $25 exam fee for each submission after the first test submission which is free.

Q. How long does it take to receive my certification once my test is submitted?

A. Usually less than 2 weeks.

Q. How will I receive my certification?

A. The certificate will be sent via email ready to be printer and framed if desired.

Q. Is the certification accepted everywhere in the world?

A. Yes, to the best of our knowledge.

Q. Who issues the certification?

A. The Center for Personal Reinvention

Q. Will I need any additional training to practice as a certified coach in self-esteem elevation for children?

A. No.

Q. Are there any licensing requirements for Self-Esteem Coaches?

A. Not at this time.

Q. Will you help me get clients in any way?

A. Certified coaches can be listed with their names, addresses, and contact information on The Center for Personal Reinvention website for a minimal web posting fee of $45or information change fee of $25 should your contact info change.

Q. Are there any other ways you can assist me to attract clients?

A. Yes, as a Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children you will have access to mailing up to 8 articles written by Dr. Joe Rubino to educate parents, teachers, counselors, and others about the work we do to support children to elevate their self-esteem. Simply add your contact information after the article to generate interest in your services.

Q. What fees can I charge my clients as a Certified Coach?

A. You are free to establish your own fee schedule. Most certified coaches charge between $75 and $250 per hour and work by phone appointment.

Q. If I need assistance in coaching any client, can I get help?

A. Yes, Dr. Joe Rubino (and other qualified coaches) are available by appointment to assist by phone. Coaching fees are $250 per hour and would be paid by the client.


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Helping people even though they don’t appreciate it

I love helping people even though they never appreciate it. Going out of my way to see if they have a decent place to live, have enough money to eat lunch , clothes are clean for work after doing 15 hours a day, the person still never like what is being done by saying he love the hardship he going through it was the happiest. Who you know love living without water living inside their car ,not taking a bath for days. It makes my stomach hurt to know this person would rather live in the gutter than have a decent place to live. Dude even calls the place he living now not where he would live but nobody else wants him to live with them. I see why they won’t take him in when he is here there is never a time he pays a bill saying you have to ask him , he is very nasty takes a bath for months never clean up after himself, where ever he smoke he put holes in the place he sit on the couch, I’m even scared he may burn up the place he so careless , wakes up in the morning  drinking till the night never goes to work when they call he tells them no. I try to help this dude but listening to him complaining he don’t want to be happy in a nice environment. The best thing for me to do is let him be  living in filth he so used to it no water in his place it smells terrible where he lived vomit was all over the floor he even had a woman that lived with him no water she didn’t bathe just like him he calls her a bottom bitch. She loves him to death so making a mistake to help a person who never wanted to be helped was my problem. Dude don’t even want to pay child support one job he does never takes it out and that’s the one he always work for its sad he has 4 kids and don’t want to take care of them. When their mothers call for money he tell them he not working but the money he has the kids will never get. Not me I will be on the job where he works to get mine for the kids. My ex ran to child support cause I was on his job daily to get my money since I didn’t have them by myself you gonna help my take care of them too. I’m just wondering is there other men out there who would rather live in poverty than a decent place to live.



Never Argue Always Love

People should never argue these days its already trouble in the world that cant be controlled walking in love should decrease a lot of problems we all have.


Doing it for a month it won’t be easy
the first few days but as you go it will start to feel like you are a pro. I was always so angry never knew why, complained a lot about nothing ,calling people daily just to vent until my calls weren’t answered people seem me in stores and rushed out the door or went to another aisle to avoid me. I had to look at what i was doing to myself things were not working out for me. Until this book called The Power by Rhonda Byrnes the audio version. Once I started listening to it finding out how much she said sounded like me, shaking my head wondering how great my life was. Never needed anything that wasn’t available for me complaining just came so easily. Things were starting to leave my life for no reason I thought having a great life so long wouldnt change. I was dead wrong when you are down to nothing changing ur mindset is a great option. Love is the reason things come into our lives, love is the reason people are happy, becoming millionaires, having kids that couldnt come until love was present. Try love you would be amazed by the things emtering your life unexpectantly. I remember not having food checked my email and to my suprise that message caused me to thank God everyday and night. Love is addictive to us all its simple to do daily things happen that we have no control over but love is controlled by you and how much you give using it on a daily bases .